JackyTong / Illustrator / Art Director


2011, March –

VCR & NightTime

Illustration-D&AD Competition 2011

Brief: To create an illustrated interpretation of a musical track.

Background: I choose a band The XX to create an illustrated response inspired by two of their tracks. They are [Night Time] and [VCR]. The XX are an English indie pop band, formed in London in 2005.

Concept: Night Time It's about a girl being good friends with a guy she likes but she's withholding that from him & lying about it because she knows that if she were to tell him the friendship would be ruined. She is alone with her thoughts at night, she understands one day she'll tell him, but their friendship will be over. Not wanting to lose him is basically the whole theme of this.

Concept: VCR This song is simply about the person in life who means the most and understands best. The part about diving in to the sea shows that together, they are freer. It reminds that sometimes you don't need anyone to tell you that its going to be fine or help you "talk it out", sometimes you just need someone be with when you don't feel like talking.


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VCR & NightTime
VCR & NightTime